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mc 030

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MC030 ATTORNEY OR PARTY WITHOUT ATTORNEY (Name, State Bar number, and address):FOR COURT USE ONLYTo keep other people from seeing what you entered on your form, please press the Clear This Form button
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Comments and Help with mc 30

Who needs an MC-030 form?

Anyone who is a party to litigation in California can use this form as a blank for the declaration of any kind.

What is the MC-030 form for?

The declaration form MC-030 is used by a party to the proceeding (it can be an attorney, defendant or respondent themselves) to provide the court with any information that is relevant to the case.

Is the MC-030 form accompanied by other forms?

If space on the sheet is over, and the declaration is not yet completed, an additional MC-031 form can be used as the attachment to the MC-030 form. This form may be accompanied by any other documents and case files if necessary.

When is MC030 form due?

There is no any particular deadline for submission of the MC-030 form. This form is filed during the trial and is the official case file after its consideration by a court.

How do I fill out MC-030 declaration?

You can share any information which is relevant to the trial in a declaration written in an arbitrary manner. Please note that when you sign this form, you are witnessing under penalty of perjury that everything you just wrote is faithful and correct.

Where do I send MC-030 form?

The signed CA declaration shall be submitted to the court, which holds the proceedings specified in the form.

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